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Community Law Wellington and Hutt Valley offers a wide range of publications which are available for purchase. Some of our publications are also free to download. If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about any of the publications below please email

Community Law Manual:
A practical guide to everyday New Zealand law

The Community Law Manual 2016/17 sets out comprehensive legal information for everyday users. The Community Law Manual deals with many areas of community and personal life and provides answers and solutions to common legal questions, including:

• te reo Māori
• community organisations
• legal aid
• benefit rights
• consumer law
• neighbour disputes
• tenancy law
• common crimes
• wills
• dealing with WINZ
• Māori land
• health and disability law
• family law
• domestic violence
• harassment and bullying
• employment law
• legal issues for youth
• criminal proceedings
• police powers
• court fines, and more.

Price: $100 for individuals, non-profits and community groups
$150 for all other agencies
Download this order form and mail it to us: Community Law Wellington & Hutt Valley
PO Box 24005 Wellington 6142
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You can access the CLM online for free here.

Lag Law: Your rights in prison and on release

Lag Law coverLag Law answers heaps of common questions you might have if you’re going to prison, you’re in prison, or you’re getting out of prison. It talks about your rights in prison, and sets out the laws and rules that affect you when you’re put in prison.

Lag Law is for people in prison; your whānau and wider community; prison staff; your lawyer or advocate; and organisations who work with people inside prison or who are being released from prison.

Price: $30
Free download: Lag Law – Your rights in prison and on release

Managing a Community Venue

Community Centre Guidelines front cover (400)

This booklet is a must-have resource for those involved in local community centres, sports clubs or other community venues.

Updated in 2016 “Managing a Community Venue” provides information on a variety of topics within which community organisations must operate. Although it has been written for Wellington’s community centres, it contains useful and practical information for community organisations throughout New Zealand.

Content includes:

  • Treaty of Waitangi principles and their implementation
  • Health and Safety law
  • Legal structures (incorporated, unincorporated and charitable trusts)
  • Governance and good practice obligations
  • Advice on how to deal with the media
  • Useful technological platforms (electronic databases and social media)
  • Employment
  • Appendices containing a number of helpful documents and templates

Free download: Managing a Community Centre 

Problems at School – A practical guide to your rights and obligations


Problems at School is the brand new, updated version of Schools and the Right to Discipline, our established source of practical and reliable information about legal issues in New Zealand’s schools.

The book provides students, parents and advocates with knowledge about their options when facing any problems they might have at school, such as suspensions, stand-downs, truancy, bullying, fees and special education needs.

The latest edition features completely updated information, and new sections on many issues such as:

  • School zones and enrolment schemes
  • Cyberbullying
  • Trespassing
  • School searches and confiscating items
  • The New Zealand Curriculum, including information about sexuality education, religious education, and te reo Māori in schools
  • Issues facing transgender students
  • Health and safety issues, including administering and storing medication, food allergies, and education outside the classroom

Free for students and parents
$10 for non-profits and community groups
$30 for government and commercial agencies
Free download: Problems at School

A Guide to Refugee Family Reunification in New Zealand:
Assisting refugee families through the immigration process


This is a practical guide for those involved in refugee family reunification and advocacy in New Zealand. 

Reunification with family members is a key part of successful refugee resettlement. Advocates have an important role to play in assisting refugee families to untangle complex policy criteria and determine whether there may be avenues by which family members can join them in New Zealand.

This guide is a starting point for new advocates in refugee family reunification. It assumes no background in immigration policy or practice. It provides advocates with a procedure for assessing the circumstances of separated refugee families against various reunification avenues; provides advice on structuring initial interviews; and gives a practical step-by-step guide to making applications.

Rape Survivors’ Legal Guide: Navigating the legal system after rape

This guide provides rape survivors with information about their legal options. It explains the different stages of the legal process, from a decision to report the crime to the police, to the trial and sentence of the offender.

It also outlines other steps which may be taken instead of, or in addition to, reporting the crime to the police, such as applying for a protection order, getting financial assistance, and accessing counselling or sexual health services.

This guide has been thoroughly revised and updated, in consultation with specialist support agencies such as the National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges, Wellington Sexual Abuse Help Foundation, Wellington Rape Crisis, Wellington Sexual Assault Assessment and Treatment Service (Tū Pakari Ora), National Network of Stopping Violence Services, and the Police, among others.

Price: $5 for non-profits and community groups
$10 for schools, libraries, bookshops and other agencies
Free download: Rape Survivors Legal Guide

Your Pregnancy Rights: Legal options after a positive pregnancy test

coverThis booklet provides legal information for all pregnant women and their families. Although there are no laws which say when someone can and can’t become pregnant, there will be times throughout a woman’s pregnancy when she will have to make ‘legal decisions’.

This booklet contains answers to legal questions that might come up if you are pregnant. It is written mainly for young women, but also answers questions faced by young men when they find out that their partner, or their ex-partner, is pregnant. Lots of the information will be useful to people of any age.

Price: $5 for non-profits and community groups
$10 for schools, libraries, bookshops and other agencies
Free download: Your Pregnancy Rights Legal options after a positive pregnancy test

Setting up a Trust

A trust is a way of putting aside property, while you are alive, to benefit one or more people, to benefit a charity, or for a purpose you have nominated. A trust can also be set up for your own benefit, such as to provide medical care and living expenses.

Written in plain English, ‘Setting up a Trust’ provides useful legal information about setting up a trust, how trusts work, and their advantages and disadvantages. The booklet covers costs; using lawyers; types of trusts; how a trust works; what can go wrong; and things to think about.

Price: $5 for non-profits and community groups
$10 for schools, libraries, bookshops and other agencies
Free download: Setting Up A Trust

Mental Health and the Law

People who experience mental illness often feel disempowered and disenfranchised by the legal processes that surround mental illness. Mental Health & the Law provides clear and easy to understand information about the laws that can affect someone who experiences mental illness. Topics covered include:

  • Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992
  • Discrimination
  • Protecting your privacy
  • Rights when receiving health services
  • Custody and care and protection issues
  • Employment
  • Accommodation
  • and more

Price: $30


If you would like to purchase any of the resources above please email, including the titles of the resources you would like to purchase and your email or postal address and we will send you an invoice.