Restorative Communities

Restorative Communities

Restorative Communities is a service for organisations experiencing conflict. It can be between staff, volunteers or at a governance level. A Restorative Conference brings together, in a very safe forum, those most affected by a conflict or difficult experience to talk in an open and honest way about what’s happened. A Restorative Conference will address what needs to be done to repair the harm and move forward.  It is an opportunity to discuss experiences and issues alongside the impact that they have had on the people involved.

This can be hugely beneficial for all participants, but especially for those who feel misunderstood or unheard. The process can help repair professional and personal relationships. Any workplace, government department or community group can take utilise this service but we do give priority to community groups and not for profits.

Why take part?

  • It gives those who have been harmed a way to have a voice and seek ways to have their needs met.
  • It can help employers and employees work through workplace difficulties without needing to go down more formal paths.
  • To keep workplace relationships healthy during organisational change or stress.
  • It gives those who have caused conflict a way to take responsibility for the harm they have caused and start putting things right.

How does the Restorative Communities process work?

  1. Someone from an organisation expresses interest in using Restorative Communities to resolve an issue within their organisation and approaches us.
  2. Other people involved in the issue are approached and given information about the process.
  3. Trained facilitators meet separately with each party and their support people
  4. To complete the process, a restorative conference is held with the involved parties and their support people.

What does it cost?

  • We offer subsidised rates to not for profits and community groups and very occasionally we can offer a restorative process to a group for koha
  • The cost of utilising the restorative communities service can vary depending on the number of people involved and the complexity of the issue. Please get in touch with us to discuss your situation.

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