Restorative Justice

Healing the harm caused by offending

Restorative Justice gives victims and offenders of crime the opportunity to talk to each other in a safe and supportive environment, and discuss how the harm might be repaired.

Community Law Wellington & Hutt Valley provides Restorative Justice services in the wider Wellington region (Wellington, Porirua and Hutt Valley).

Why take part?

  • It gives those who have been harmed a way to have a voice and seek ways to have their needs met
  • It gives those who have committed an offence a way to take responsibility for the harm they have caused and start putting things right

How does the Restorative Justice process work?

  1. An offender pleads guilty to the offence and agrees to take part in a meeting
  2. The victim(s) are interested in finding out more about restorative justice
  3. Trained facilitators meet separately with each party and their support people
  4. If appropriate, a conference is held with the involved parties and their support people
  5. For Court-based referrals, a report of the conference is sent to the court

When can RJ take place?

  • Prior to sentencing
  • After sentencing
  • Prior to release from prison

Where to start?

  • Lawyers can request a referral once a guilty plea has been entered
  • Police or Victim Advisors can request a referral
  • The Judge may make a referral
  • Victims or offenders may call us directly
  • Sentenced prisoners can talk to their Case Managers

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