Alternatives to teaching your disabled daughter how to walk

Darling, there is no such thing as standing on your own two feet anyway. That is just a story some people tell themselves. Yes, we all take the steps on our own but not everyone has to think about every heavy movement. They have always been light on their feet, so this tale just trips off their tongues and trickles down to us, seeping in through blood and bone. It is easy to confuse on your own, on your own, on your own with the name of your hometown.

People there will want to take these steps for you. It is okay to let them, as long as you are navigating. Even walking for you is no guarantee they will know what you mean when you tell them your feet are tired. Do not fall over yourself trying to teach them. Fall over because all kids scrape their knees sometimes and I will help you up.

 Henrietta Bollinger

Henrietta Bollinger is a writer and disability advocate. She worked on the 2018-19 Community Law Manual Disability Rights chapter. As a poet, she has been published in Starling, Mimicry and Scum magazines. Her plays have been performed in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.  She currently works for the Disabled Persons Assembly NZ.