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When Leaving a Violent Partner Will Make You “Unlawful”

Posted on February 19, 2014

Domestic violence affects every community in New Zealand. People remain with abusive partners for many reasons, including fear, isolation, lack of support, lack or resources, and their cultural or religious values. This article discusses an option for clients when immigration status appears to be a reason to stay in a violent relationship. Community Law Wellington

The Legend of Community Law: A speech by Hannah Northover

Posted on June 15, 2013

Access to our justice system is not equal. For one thing, almost everyone needs professional help to navigate the court system. And professional help costs. If you can afford that help, you will find it easier to access the justice system. Better still, you will be able to choose the navigator - the lawyer - of your choice. We frequently see clients who intend abandoning legal claims or defences because they do not want to - or cannot - meet the high costs of that claim or defence. ... Read more »