General legal advice

Please note that while this service is remote, we are only able to assist people within the Wellington & Lower Hutt area. If you are outside this region, you should approach your nearest Community Law Centre for help or referrals.

Remote Services

To access our remote service please fill in the webform below and provide as much detail as possible about your legal issue. If you have any issues using this form, you can leave a voice message at 04-499 2928 and we will call you back.

The more information you give us the quicker we can be, if you do not give us the names of the other people involved we may not be able to help you. All of this information is kept confidential.

If you have related documents to send (eg employment agreement, parenting order) you can e-mail them to Please use the subject line “ATTN: Remote advice”

If have an immigration issue, please fill out this form instead, or you can call (04) 460-4461 or email if you are unable to fill out the form.

We will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible, but due to limited capacity there can be delays in our remote service. We try to prioritise urgent enquiries, but please call us or come into one of our offices if it is urgent. 

What name would you like us to call you?

Is it safe for us to leave a message? Will you get a voice message if we leave it?

Do you require a translator? If so what language? Do you need to use the relay service? Would you prefer a female lawyer?

Please give a brief description of your issue. – Whakamārama mai tō take

e.g Montgomery 'Monty' Burns. – employer This may include your partner, employer, flatmate(s), or neighbours. We have a legal obligation to check this information to ensure we do not advise all parties to an issue.

Please send these documents through to Īmera mai koa ēnei pepa ki